Extreme geocaches

List of geocaches reaching records in various areas. I'll be glad if you send me any corrections, updates and tips for any other records (

European extremes

Here I fight with ambiguous border of Europe. I decided to use a geographical border, so I don't consider belonging to European countries but geographically belonging to other continents (Canarian Islands, Cyprus etc.) On the other side I consider all islands geographically belonging to European continen (Spitsbergen, Azores etc.)

Northernmost cache: GCQ1MZ – 3 Brave Men (Spitsbergen), N 80° 05'. Geovirgin

Southernmost cache: GC2C49R – Trypiti - The Southernmost of Europe (Greece). N 34° 48'.

Westernmost cache: GCXFPA – Escada do Céu (Azores), W 31° 15'. Circa 200 km southwest is the GCG822 – Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents, that was for several years the deepest cache on the Earth, but it lies not on dryland, so I don't consider it here.

Easternmost cache: Regular problem. Eastern European border is the most ambiguous. Luckily there aren't too many caches at Ural. Record probably holds the GC43R6C – The border of Europe and Asia near Yekaterinburg, E 60° 21'.

Highest cache: GC2BVRY – Near the top of Europe (France/Italy). Near an alpinist route to Mont Blanc, 4669 m above sea level.

Lowest dryland cache: GC91A1 – volga (Volgograd), 12 m below sea level. There is another cache nearby, with same altitude (GCZCX7 – Wolgaufer), but it is probably destroyed.

Oldest cache: GC43 – Europe's First (Ireland). Hidden on 3.6.2000.

Most visited cache: See World extremes.

World extremes

Northernmost cache: GC5803 – As North As It Gets! (Ellesmere Island), N 82° 31'. However it lies near a Canadian military base, so ordinary civilists haven't access there.

Southernmost cache: GCHN13 – No Further South From Here (Antarctica). Virtual cache at South Pole, you need to take a photo to log. And because there are many tourist flights, the cache becomes an ordinary fly-in. Dammit :(

Southernmost physical cache: GCC3E3 – Chilly Willy at Byrd Surface Camp (Antarctica). S 80° 01'.

Westernmost cache: I can't define this term properly. For every cache you find another west of the former, when the Earth is round...However the cache at western hemisphere closest to the 180th meridian is probably GC20HC1 – Mango Trees (Tonga) at W 174° 02'.
I clearly do not consider the virtual cache at South Pole :)

Easternmost cache: Same problem as above. The cache at eastern hemisphere closest to the 180th meridian is probably GCFB80 – Nukubalavu (Fiji) at E 179° 20'.

Highest cache: GC2BX63 – Earth's Roof - Mount Everest Peak (Tibet/Nepal). Earthcache at Mount Everest summit, 8848 m above sea level.

Highest physical cache: GC3TTW4 – Lenin Peak Backside (Kyrgyzstan), 6315 m above sea level. Geovirgin

Highest cache above Earth ground: GC1BE91 – International Space Station. The only cache in space, its name says it all. It travels at altitude 336-346 km above Earth. Probably it's also the cache with most visited listing.

Lowest dryland cache: GC1HPB5 – Lower-est Cache on Earth (Israel). At Dead Sea shore, 419 m below sea level. There are more caches at Dead Sea coast, but this lies closest to water level.

Deepest cache: GC4W9H7 – Deep Gold (Indian ocean). At bottom of the sea, 2431 metres deep. Geovirgin

Oldest cache: GCF – The Original Stash (Oregon). The first cache ever, hidden on 3.5.2000 by Dave Ulmer, later founder of Now archived.

Oldest active cache: GC30 – Mingo (Kansas). Hidden on 11.5.2000.

Cache longest waiting for FTF: GC15D – Oh so blue (Belize). Hidden on 1.6.2001, FTF on 25.3.2009.

Most visited cache: Probably GC14WV8 – Terezka in Prague, Czechia. Till 17.5.2013 had 12467 found logs.
It surpassed the GCGV0P – Original Stash Tribute Plaque (6751 found logs), which is usually considered as the most visited, and archived virtual GCF551 – Four Windows (9460 found logs). >

Biggest container: GC1E9AB – *DRASAL* (Czechia). Cache dedicated to (literally) biggest Czech person ever has probably also the biggest container in the world. The cache is composed of a whole cave with inner space over 50 m3 where surely the largest trades can fit.

Geovirgin – Geovirgin, i.e. the cache waiting for FTF. Extremecachers, you have a chance :)

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